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  • 2021 Barbershopper of the Year
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Jan 4 2022
    2021 Barbershopper of the Year
    Troy Waycott recieved the 2021 Barbershopper of the year on Monday January 3, 2022. He was given the award due to his unwavering support of the chapter and his willingness to pitch in and do physically demanding work, especially hauling and setting up risers, whenever and whereever needed. 
    This award is determined by a vote of the membership. Congratulations Troy
  • New Directors Award, given to Bruce Sellnow
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Jan 4 2022
    New Directors Award, given to Bruce Sellnow
    2021 Director's Award given to Bruce Sellnow
    Director Ron Black Initiated a new award this year, the "Director's Award". The initial recipient of the award is associate Director Bruce Sellnow. Congratulations to Bruce.

    This new award will be awarded each year by Ron to someone who makes a significant contribution to the musical development of the Longs Peak Chorus.
  • Sunday Church SIngout
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Aug 23 2021
    Sunday Church SIngout
    On Sunday August 22 the LOngs Peak Chorus participated in the worship service at Shepard of the Mountains Lutheren Chuch in Estes Park. The service was held outside, and the chorus sanf three songs during the sevice.
    On August 8, the chorus sang during worship for First Methodist United Church in Loveland.
  • Chorus Retreat 8/14/2021
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Aug 15 2021
    Chorus Retreat 8/14/2021
    On Saturday  August 14, 2021, the Longs peak Chorus had an all day retreat and coaching session. Our Guest Clinician was Rik Johnson, a Certified BHS Singing Judge and a tremendous coach. He is a member of the Ambassadors of Harmony Chorus from St' Louis, which has won the BHS International Chorus Contest many  times. It was a long day of learning new things and doing a lot of great singong.  We hope we can remember half of what he taught us.
  • 2019 Chapter Challenge
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jan 16 2020
    January 9, 2020
    At the Mid Winter Convention in Jacksonville Florida. On Thursday night, The Harmony Foundation awarded the Longmont Chapter third place in the 2019 Chapter Challenge. 
    The Chapter Challenge was a contest to see which chapters could increase most the number of members contributing to the Harmony Foundation. No limit was placed on the value of each donation, only that something be given.
    Jim Cole & Rick Haines were there to receive our award.
    The Longmont Chapter is very proud of this honor, as we believe in the mission of the BHS to involve youth in this wonderful hobby. The Harmony Foundation has now started the 2020 Chapter Challenge. Let's win it this time!
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