2020 Barbershopper of the year

2020 Barbershopper of the year
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Posted By: Rick Haines
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Date Posted: Tue, Feb 9 2021
Februar 1, 2021
Ron Black is announced as 2020 Barbershopper of the Year.

In a year of great challenges, Ron Black stepped forward in so many ways.

      When our front line director, Johnny Bugarin, announced he needed to take a leave of abscence, Ron stepped up and took the reins.
      When the Covid pandemic prevented us from meeting in person, Ron jumped in and taught us all how to use Zoom and we have continued regular monday meetings with very good participation. Ron sets up the meeting plans and has used his Society-wide friendships to bring many well known, knoledgible barbershoppers to our meetings. 
      When the idea of putting together a couple of virtual Cristmas songs to put on Youtube, Ron stepped up, researched how to do it and spearheaded the project, which ultimitely came out very good. Click on the "listen" button on our home page to hear the songs.